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Our Company

MD Business Solutions Network is a trusted health care consulting firm that provides business marketing assistance to a
growing portfolio of clients in the health care industry. With the help of our experienced and committed professionals,
our services are kept up-to-date based on the ever-changing standards in marketing.

MD Business Solutions Network (MDBSN) provides cash revenue streams to doctors that want to increase their cash flow
without waiting for insurance checks. We work with our clients to determine the kinds of marketing strategies that best
fit their business and their client demographic. With this, our clients’ patients can also easily access their doctor’s
website to learn more about services that are available to them, set appointments, and conveniently contact their
doctors for inquiries.

The types of marketing strategies and materials we provide our doctor clients do not only help them be known to present
and future clients in the World Wide Web and social media. They can also easily update them about the latest advances or
changes in their practice, without the hassles of doing the advertising work themselves. With our dynamic team of
professionals, they no longer have to worry about those. We are here to help them focus more on their practice as
medical professionals. Among the services we provide are the following:

  • Websites
  • Social media support
  • SEO
  • Coordination with the client doctor’s office for appointment setting

Since our services are based on the marketing vision of our clients, we provide them with two options when they avail of
our services. This way, they can have more control over how their clinic is promoted and how they are presented to their
target clients. The two system models are the following:

  • Handling all the marketing and sales to our doctor clients’ current patients and schedule appointments for
    treatments they select.

  • Purchasing one of the different MDSN business models that best fits their practice. With this model, clients
    will be provided with their website, marketing material, training, and support.

Both of these models are low-risk and promote high returns for both our doctor clients and their patients. We help our
clients receive an optimum advantage in gaining new patients who are searching for the different treatment programs in
their area by not offering our services to other doctors within a 20-mile radius to their practice.

For patients, our marketing models allow them the convenience to determine the availability of their doctors, the
updates on their services, and the cost-effective deals and promos that their clinics offer.

For chiropractors, our telemedicine TELEMD7 business model can bring them huge profits by having qualified hormone
therapy MD review charts and sign off on treatment programs. With telemedicine, they can provide their patients with
hormone replacement, erectile dysfunction treatment, and cell therapy programs.

We are a one-stop business solution program that can help increase our clients’ revenue through our proven solutions
that can be applied to their current practice.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing our clients with effective business solutions for their companies. We do our best to help
them reach their customer demographics by providing the marketing material, appointment setting, and customer service
and sales support that they need.


We strive to make a mark in the health care industry as the lead provider of consulting services. With our assistance,
we strive to connect our health care business clients to people in need of their services.

What Can a Healthcare Consulting Company Do?

Healthcare consulting agencies help doctors and clinics to advertise their services to the public based
on the demographics of their targeted clients. They utilize various marketing strategies and tools to
help their client doctors’ services to be known to individuals in need of their services.

Here are some of the main services they offer:

Website Creation

Nowadays, individuals are acclimatized to using the world wide web for information gathering and other
purposes-including looking for the right professional or clinic to help them address their health
issues. Having an interactive website can help doctors’ clients learn vital information about their
services and connect with them for consultations.

Social Media Support

Most people are on social media nowadays. Thus, it is wise for doctors and clinics to have an active
appearance on social media so potential customers can have an idea of what their services are about.

Search Engine Optimization

It may not be enough to have a working website. It is also important to make sure that people are
visiting their websites too. Availing of SEO services will help increase the quality and quantity of
website traffic by increasing the visibility of their website to potential patients.

Appointment Setting

Healthcare consulting companies have staff who can help their clients manage their calendars for
appointments. These professionals promote their clients’ reputation by efficiently providing the
information patients need about the doctors’ or clinics’ services. They are also engaging and respectful
individuals who can make prospective patients want to know more about their client doctors’ practice.

Benefits of Having a Website for Your Medical Business

In an era where people use the web when looking for information, having a website for your business is a
must. It doesn’t just give you a way to introduce your services, but it also has a wide array of
benefits that will promote good interaction with potential customers. Here are a few of them:

Allows an easier appointment setting.

It can be tricky to keep yourself updated on appointment schedules for your patients. Apart from giving
you the chance to inform your patients about your availability, having an appointment setting online
form will help them book your services conveniently.

Promotes credibility.

Customers want to know your integrity as a professional before they avail of your services. Having an
interactive, professional-looking website will encourage potential clients to consider your clinic.

Aids customer communication.

Your website allows you to inform customers about the various ways they can reach you. You can list your
location, office phone, and email address. You can even have an online contact form, which they can use
to send you a message.

Keeps your customers updated.

If you have announcements regarding events, changes in location, contact information, services, and
availability, among others, you can easily inform your clients by updating your website.

Helps you find new employees.

A lot of job seekers browse the web for jobs. Having a website enables you to post job vacancies for your
clinic and the qualities you are looking for in an applicant. It also helps them know more about the
kind of health assistance you provide and your core values as professionals.

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